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#SQFT (Building)#ACRES (Land)#SQFT (Building)#ACRES (Land)#SQFT (Building)#ACRES (Land)
R3Medium Density0 sqft206.69 acres0 sqft0 acres0 sqft206.69 acres
#SQFT (Building)#ACRES (Land)#SQFT (Building)#ACRES (Land)#SQFT (Building)#ACRES (Land)
C1Central Commercial27,714 sqft3.88 acres0 sqft0 acres27,714 sqft3.88 acres
CHHighway Commercial23,547 sqft9.92 acres1,300 sqft0 acres24,847 sqft9.92 acres
CHAHighway Commercial A1,200 sqft0 acres0 sqft0 acres1,200 sqft0 acres
C-SCShopping Centre22,000 sqft4.45 acres8,021 sqft0 acres30,021 sqft4.45 acres
COMMERCIAL TOTALS74,461 sqft18.25 acres9,321 sqft0 acres83,782 sqft18.25 acres
#SQFT (Building)#ACRES (Land)#SQFT (Building)#ACRES (Land)#SQFT (Building)#ACRES (Land)
I1Light Industrial16,450 sqft44.60 acres3,000 sqft0 acres19,450 sqft44.60 acres
IBIndustrial Business20,809 sqft3.29 acres0 sqft0 acres20,809 sqft3.29 acres
IFuture Industrial0 sqft420.87 acres0 sqft0 acres0 sqft420.87 acres
INDUSTRIAL TOTALS37,259 sqft468.76 acres3,000 sqft0 acres40,259 sqft468.76 acres
#SQFT (Building)#ACRES (Land)#SQFT (Building)#ACRES (Land)#SQFT (Building)#ACRES (Land)
DCDirect Control448,000 sqft40.31 acres0 sqft0 acres448,000 sqft40.31 acres

Please note: ‘#sqft’ pertains to building sizes, while ‘#acres’ denotes land measurements.

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Why Olds Is A Perfect Choice?


Strategic Location:

Olds, Alberta is strategically located at the intersection of major highways, making it a hub for transportation and logistics. This prime location provides easy access to key markets, including Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer, and creates opportunities for businesses to expand and grow.


Skilled Workforce:

Olds boasts a highly skilled and motivated workforce. The town is home to Olds College of Agriculture & Technology, which offers a range of programs and courses that prepare students for careers in various fields. The college also provides opportunities for businesses to collaborate on research and development projects, further strengthening the local workforce.


Supportive Business Environment:

Olds is committed to creating a supportive business environment that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation. The Town offers a range of development incentives, including tax breaks, grants, and low-interest loans, to help businesses get off the ground and grow. Additionally, the local government provides support and resources to help businesses navigate regulatory requirements and access funding opportunities.

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frequently asked questions (FAQ)

There are many things to consider when building in the Town of Olds. The following are a list of frequently asked questions and answers, however, to apply for permits and obtained further details please visit

The Interactive Development Map (GIS Map) is a great tool for realtors, property buyers, developers, etc., to help them find what utility lines, land use, Area structure plans, and so much more.

1. Fill out the application forms and submit all required plans to the Planning Department.

2. If you will be digging, request locates. Locates must be available on-site while work is being done.

3. If the project is commercial, complete a fire safety plan. This is not required for residential projects.

4. An invoice will be e-mailed to you for permit fees and security deposits. All fees must be paid before the permit is issued.

5. Depending on your project, it will be reviewed either by staff or by the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC).

6. If the permit requires a decision from the MPC, there is a 21-day appeal period.

7. If your permits have been approved, you will receive them along with a Plan Review. This is an overview of what has been approved and will describe when an inspection is needed.

8. Inspections will be performed by our certified Safety Codes Officer.

9. After work is completed to Town standards, any security deposits will be returned to you.

In some cases, a Development Officer or the Municipal Planning Commission may be able to grant a relaxation. You will need to fill out a Relaxation / Variance Form.

Once the Approval Authority makes a decision, there is a 21-day appeal period. Appeals can also be made to the regional Appeals Board. This is a separate group serving 18 different municipalities in Central Alberta.

Simple permits can be approved in a week by Planning & Development department staff. If your permit needs to be reviewed by the MCP, meetings are held once a month (on the third Tuesday of the month).

You have one year from the day your Development Permit is issued to complete the work.

An off-site levy is a fee charged by the Town to help pay for expanding municipal services, such as water, sewer, and roads.

Town Of Olds bylaw – Offsite Levies Schedule

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